remember when the nhl allowed players to tuck their jerseys reblog if youse a tru 2k13s kid 

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the worst way for friendships to end is for literally nothing to go wrong, you just stop talking. they stop messaging you to see how youre doing and you get sick of being the first one to initiate conversation so you just let the friendship go and wonder how that person is doing and never hear from them again

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Shipme? I'm Chinese but really whitewashed haha. I'm 5'2 with long straight dark brown hair. I have brown eyes. I'm kinda a hipster. Mad hippie?People would probably describe me as outgoing and always having a smile on my face :) I love talking :))) I like to think I'm a blast at parties lol if I'm invited and I think I'm funny??? I'm a field hockey player and I am skinny which I hate. You'll always see me as the girl cheering on the oil ( mad luv for the stars though ) with winged eyeliner :)))


aw cute! I’ll go Taylor hall!!!! ;) you two met at a party and have hit it off ever since! :) he loves funny ppl and you two constantly make each other laugh!